How to Style Your hair for Men, Let your personality shine.

How to Style Your hair for Men Styling your hair is just like putting on your clothes, it’s a reflection of your personality. It symbolizes what type of person you are, your creativity. Your hairstyle can be the difference between blending in with the crowd or being the person that grasps everyone’s
Healthy Hair Habits

Foods That Promote Healthy Hair Growth

Have you every wondered what else affects how your hair looks besides the style you create or the products you use? Your daily diet not only affects your weight and whether you’re hungry or not, but it can effect the natural look of your hair and how fast your hair will grow.
Healthy Hair Habits

Healthy Hair Care Tips, Keep it Fresh.

Healthy Diet Means Healthy Hair The first step to healthy and natural hair is focusing on the different foods that you eat on a daily basis. The two most important things to be included in your hair are protein and iron. When you don’t eat healthy or the food you eat doesn’t
Healthy Hair Habits

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